Basic and scientific calcs for schoola and office use

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Casio FX 991 ES Plus

Superior scientific calculator - Ideally suited for advanced mathematics. Natural display technology to show expressions as they appear in textbooks. Permitted for all UK examinations - ideal for A-level and Higher Grade.
55,000.05 (TZS)


CASIO SCIENTIFIC CALCULATORS : Casio Super Visually Perfect Algebraic Method lets you input calculations formulas just as they are written in your textbook. Research institutes and organizations such as BARC, TIFR and various other Research Institutes use Casio Scientific Calculators.
35,000.05 (TZS)

CITIZEN CT-555 Calculator

The CITIZEN CT-555 is a medium size Desk top Calculator, with CITIZEN's well known Check & Correct functions. Main Features: 12 Digit Desktop Calculator 120 step Check & Correct Tax Function Dual power (Battery & Solar) Large LCD Display Large Keys
12,000.05 (TZS)

Citizen SDC8975 Large Desktop Calculator

12 Digit, Large desktop Calculator with large adjustable Tilt display. Features include Dual Memory, MU (GP percentage), Square root, Backspace key, %, Punctuation & Rounding selector. Dual Power. Main Features: 12 Digit Desktop Calculator Large Adjustable Tilt Display Cost, Sell, Margin Large Keys Dual Memory Dual power (Battery & Solar) Decimal Point and Rounding Selectors
40,000.05 (TZS)